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Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Worksheets (Trichotillomania, Skin Picking, and Other BFRBs)

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Learn How To Free Yourself From Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors


  • Do you frequently engage in repetitive behaviors like hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, or thumb-sucking?
  • Does the behavior provide temporary relief or gratification but also cause distress or embarrassment afterward?
  • Have you tried unsuccessfully to stop or reduce these behaviors on your own?
  • Have you noticed an increase in these behaviors during periods of stress or anxiety?


If so, body-focused repetitive behaviors may be a problem for you.

Common body-focused repetitive behaviors may include:

  • Hair pulling (Trichotillomania)
  • Skin picking (Dermatillomania)
  • Nail biting
  • Thumb sucking
  • Tooth grinding (Bruxism)

+30 Pages of activities and prompts to help you free yourself from Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors.


  • What Are Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs)
  • Do You Struggle With BFRBs?
  • Increase Self-Awareness
  • A Letter to Your BFRB
  • Stages of Change
  • Building Motivation
  • Mindfulness for BFRBs
  • Challenge Your Beliefs
  • Monitor Your BFRBs
  • Identify Triggers
  • Develop A Plan
  • Create Physical Barriers
  • Habit Reversal Training
  • Practicing Healthier Coping Mechanisms
  • Release BFRB Shame
  • Give Your Inner Critic Time Off
  • Practice Positive Self-Talk
  • Practice Self-Compassion


You will get a PDF (734KB) file

What people are saying

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“I’ve been facilitating mental health groups for 10 years and I’ve never come across worksheets as good as yours [including Therapy Aid].

Thank you for your wonderful worksheets and please keep them coming!”

– Gary

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“I wanted to write to you to tell you how much clarity I have received from your prompts in the journals. I bought the toxic relationship and breakup recovery ones and I will forever recommend them to others.

Thank you so much for the gift you share in the world to help others heal.”

– R – recovering from divorce and a 3 year toxic relationship right after that.

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“I am so grateful to you. I was somewhat apprehensive about facing certain things that I knew were there but had been resisting addressing. Your approach in the worksheets made it easier, more structured, and less daunting to confront… I am beginning to understand myself better and striving to be a better partner, coach and psychologist.”

– Rocio


Hi there, my name is Hadiah.

I am a counselor and the author behind Ineffable Living blog – a codependency and mental health blog.

I wanted the worksheets to be both informative and engaging, so I worked on creating clear and concise instructions, thought-provoking prompts, and activities that would encourage self-reflection.

As I witnessed the positive impact these worksheets had on my clients' progress, I realized their potential to reach a broader audience.

Whether you’re a therapist, a coach, or a counselor who is looking for tools to help your clients or simply someone who is seeking personal growth, coping strategies, or ways to enhance your overall well-being, our worksheets are here to assist you.